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Milkymate is a revolutionary cushion to help mum when she needs a helping hand, it can also encourage baby to start to hold the bottle and be more interactive.

Milkymate is light weight and designed for easy release and lets baby push away effortlessly very simple in design and function.

Milkymate can be a great milk-aid for mums of twins, triplets and multiples helping her through part of the feeding times.

Milkymate is produced using soft organic cotton,  GOTS certified for purity.

Safety information

  1. Do not leave your baby unattended in case of choking. Parental supervision is needed at all times
  2. Do not use when baby is lying flat it can cause an ear infection, keep baby in a upright position.
  3. Do not leave bottle in baby’s mouth when baby has finished feeding there is a chance milk will pool and you can rot your baby’s teeth.
  4. Never use in a crib or cot. Baby must alway be in an upright position.
  5. Milkymate is here as a milk-aid to help mum when breast or formula feeding multiples. As every mum knows nothing can compare to cuddles and eye contact with your baby we have to cherish every moment as they are not babies for long, Milkymate is here to help mum in times of need.

Baby must be supervised at all times.
Never use while baby sleeping.
For babies 3 months and over.


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