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The Milkymate is a life changing baby bottle holder to support new mums of multiples. The design, developed in consultation with health professionals and mums of multiples, encourages baby to learn how to hold the bottle and enhance motor skills.

Its lightweight cushion promotes easy release. Allowing baby to effortlessly push away their bottle when they want to stop drinking. An absolute MUST for mums of multiples who are juggling the needs of their twins, triplets or babies and toddler siblings.

Statistics from TAMBA demonstrate that parents of multiples become isolated for the first few years. The Milkymate enables mothers to feed their babies simultaneously and gives them confidence to get out and about and attend baby classes, appointments and live a well-balanced life. It helps keep babies on a schedule which allows time to comfort and play with your baby, as well as giving you important time to recover.

Made from the highest quality fabric, soft organic cotton, GOTS certified for purity. The safety guidance has been written in consultation with health professionals and are important to follow:

· Use with babies 3 months+ (corrected age)
· Never leave baby unattended – use under supervision
· Use while baby is in a semi-upright position and do not use lying flat

See instructions brochure for more information about how to use the Milkymate.

Safety information

  1. Do not leave your baby unattended in case of choking. Parental supervision is needed at all times
  2. Do not use when baby is lying flat it can cause an ear infection, keep baby in a upright position.
  3. Do not leave bottle in baby’s mouth when baby has finished feeding there is a chance milk will pool and you can rot your baby’s teeth.
  4. Never use in a crib or cot. Baby must alway be in an upright position.
  5. Milkymate is here as a milk-aid to help mum when breast or formula feeding multiples. As every mum knows nothing can compare to cuddles and eye contact with your baby we have to cherish every moment as they are not babies for long, Milkymate is here to help mum in times of need.

Baby must be supervised at all times.
Never use while baby sleeping.
For babies 3 months and over.

1 review for MilkyMate

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Erin Fitz-Patrick (verified owner)

    I have twins and I can’t say ENOUGH good things about these. Everywhere I go I get ‘ that’s the best invention’ or is wish I had this when I had kids’. I am so glad I found these- I’m able to get things done while the babies are happily eating! Also- it actually can do a lot more than just hold bottles- it’s good for some tummy time, resting their head, sucking on (don’t think that’s supposed to be a thing, but my twins go crazy for it!), it can be put different ways to hold the bottle, and it’s a good transitioning to having the babies be still and hold their own bottle. Like I said, I can’t recommend these enough- not only for multiples, but even just for singletons. It’s ultimately an extra ‘helping hand’. 🙂

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