About MilkyMate

Milkymate is a New innovative cushion to help mum when she needs a helping hand, it can also encourage baby to start to hold the bottle and be more interactive.

Milkymate is light weight and designed for easy release and lets baby push away effortlessly very simple in design and function.

Milkymate can be a great milk-aid for mums of twins, triplets and multiples helping her through part of the feeding times.

Why People Love MilkyMate

Unique Design

MilkyMate is light weight and designed for easy release letting the baby push away effortlessly!

100% Organic

MilkyMate is made from 100% organic cotton which is the best and most soothing material for a babies skin. MilkyMate is Certified by GOTS Р100% natural, dye & chemical free.

Safety First

There is no attachment around the neck so your infant can move or remove the pillow themselves, enabling motor skill development and encouraging.

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